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The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg has made changes to their municipal grants to better support community groups and volunteers that contribute to the quality of life in our communities. The updated policy, “MDL-43 Community Grants Program Sponsorship Request” can be found on the municipality’s website by clicking here.

The main changes to the grant program are:

  1. Budgeted grants have been replaced by  Annual Operating and Major Recreation Capital grants.
  2. The Community Recreation Program, Community Recreation Capital and Community Economic grants – time frame to reapply has been reduced to 24 months.
  3. Organizations are now eligible to apply more than once in a fiscal year to the National/Provincial Event grant providing the applications are not for the same event.
  4. The Sponsorship Ad Requests has been renamed Sponsorship Ad Requests/Donation of Prizes grant which will now include requests for event prizes.
  5. Three new grant categories have been added –  Remembrance Day; Elite Athlete Travel; and Leadership Training.

For grant criteria and application forms, click here.  If you have any questions about grants from the District of Lunenburg, please contact Trudy Payne, Director of Recreation Services, at 541-1333 or

Information on funding assistance for the entire South Shore region can be found here.

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