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Canoe Annapolis County

Route 22 – West Branch Medway River

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This route is NOT recommended for NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE paddlers.


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Annapolis County
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Access: Hendry Dam Bridge north of Hendry Lake
West Dalhousie
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Annapolis County


Debra Ryan, Recreation Manager

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This route is NOT recommended for NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE paddlers. 
The route follows the West Branch of the Medway River, and the Medway River proper throughout its entire length.  
Although there are a number of stillwaters along the river, the majority of the route is a series of “drop pools” connected by rips, runs, and falls. Navigating these sections requires a high level of technical whitewater skills and safety consciousness. Navigability is affected dramatically by water levels, and is generally limited to spring and fall. River canoes equipped with air bags are recommended. Inspection of runs for obstacles and reading of water prior to navigating is also recommended.  
The route is recommended for EXPERT paddlers only. 
The river was traditionally used for log driving, and evidence of this activity can be seen in old dams and sluiceways, and runs cleared of rocks. These old dams and sluiceways must be approached with caution, as many iron bolts, spikes and other hardware are imbedded in submerged timbers near them. The river flows through the former Bowater Mersey’s Medway District, now Crown lands, where logging activity may be encountered, and the Medway Lakes Wilderness Area, where vehicle access is restricted.  
The area is not developed, and offers the experienced paddler an opportunity for exciting paddling in a remote setting. 
Click HERE for launch location(s), map and route details.
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