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Sample and enjoy a variety of fun sports and activities, including Dodgeball, Pickleball, Games, Floor Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis, etc. We’ll warm-up, try sport-specific activities and drills, a ... [ More Info ]

Fencing Association of Nova Scotia

Halifax Regional Municipality
FANS Services to clubs: • Coordination and communication link for clubs and fencers • Link to Canadian Fencing Federation (CFF) • Coaching clinics • Armband Development Program • Link to provincial fu ... [ More Info ]

Intro to Fencing

Fencing is a FUN way to stay or get in shape and is a fantastic sport for all ages, i.e. 8-70 years and beyond. It improves speed, agility, flexibility and reflexes and increases focus and concentrati ... [ More Info ]

South Shore Duellists Fencing Club

The South Shore Duelists is a South Shore based Fencing Club based in Bridgewater Nova Scotia. The South Shore Duelists are affiliated with the Fencing Association of Nova Scotia (FANS). ... [ More Info ]