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Avite Burke Memorial Court

Amiraults Hill
Multipurpose Court

Chester Tennis Club, The Park! Charles E. Church Park

It is open from mid-spring until mid-fall. There are three asphalt courts. In 2022, the Ondaatje family gave us a gift to update the clubhouse and improve wheelchair accessibility All donations are we ... [ More Info ]

Drumlin Heights Multi-purpose Court

Multi-purpose court.

Lunenburg Outdoor Basketball Court

More information coming soon!

Municipality of the District of Argyle - Municipalité d'Argyle, Argyle Recreation Department - Département des loisirs d'Argyle

The Argyle Recreation Commission is a committee consisting of 14 people who help in the strategic planning of the recreation department. The mandate of the Argyle Municipal commission is to enhance th ... [ More Info ]

Plymouth Multi-purpose Court

Plymouth (Yar. Co.)
Multi-purpose court.

Quinan Multi-Purpose Court

Multipurpose Court

Shelburne Regional High School, Tri-County Regional School Board

Shelburne County
SRHS is a community devoted to education. We respect each other and work together to achieve and recognize excellence in a safe and positive environment. Shelburne Regional High School has a large caf ... [ More Info ]

St. Phillips Street Playground

Playground and basketball court on St. Phillips Street.

West Pubnico Multi Purpose & Tennis Courts

Municipality of the District of Argyle



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