Coaching Certification

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What is NCCP?

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) was developed by Coaching Association of Canada and its partners to give coaches additional guidance and support. The NCCP is comprised of three streams and a total of eight contexts, each with its own coaching requirements.


NCCP Introduction to Competition Modules

   Part A Introduction to Competition
   Make Ethical Decisions (3 hours 30 minutes) 

Analyze a situation that has moral implications. Determine whether the situation has legal or ethical implications. Identify the ethical issues in the situation. Apply the NCCP ethical decision-making framework to respond to an ethical situation adapted to the context, and produce a response that is consistent with the NCCP Code of Ethics.


   Planning a Practice (6 hours 15 minutes) 

Organize activities within a practice plan that is well-structured, adapted to the participants’ age, and reflects safety considerations. Distribute activities appropriately in the various parts of the practice. Identify potential risk factors for the sport and the activities. Design an emergency action plan. Identify suitable practice goals. Design activities that have appropriate characteristics for the sport, the age group, and the proficiency level of participants. Design activities in such a way as to obtain certain training effects on the athletic abilities required in the sport.


   Nutrition (75 minutes) 

Assess whether foods and beverages consumed by athletes before, during, and after training or competition  are adequate, and offer suggestions pertaining to suitable alternatives where necessary. Design strategies to influence parents and athletes in order to promote food choices that are consistent with basic sport nutrition principles.


   Part B Introduction to Competition Part B 
   Design a Basic Sport Program (4 hours) 

Outline the structure of the sport program using training and competition events. Compare the major orientations of the coach’s own program to those proposed by the NCCP in terms of long-term athlete development. Assess the athletic development opportunities offered through the program, and identify possible options to address identified weaknesses. Interpret information contained in a sample program designed for a family of sports and identify training priorities and objectives at certain periods. Establish a link between a program’s training priorities and objectives and the content of practice sessions on a weekly and daily basis.


   Teaching and Learning (6 hours 30 minutes) 

Assess own beliefs regarding effective teaching. Analyze certain coaching situations to determine whether or not they promote learning. Create conditions that promote learning and self-esteem through (1) appropriate consideration of the affective, cognitive, and motor dimensions of learning; (2) use of words and methods that relate to the athlete’s preferred learning style; (3) a sound organization; (4) active supervision; and (5) provision of feedback that is well-formulated, and offered at the right time and frequency. Use teaching assessment grids to gather objective information on teaching effectiveness. Interpret these data to develop an action plan to enhance teaching effectiveness.


   Basic Mental Skills (3 hours) 

Recognize certain signs showing that an athlete may need to improve his/her skills in areas such as goal setting, focus, and anxiety control. Develop an action plan that will enable the athlete to improve in these areas. Run simple guided activities that will enable the athlete to improve these basic mental skills.


Competition Development Modules

The Competition Development Modules are for coaches who are working with athletes who are in the Training to Train and Training to Compete stages of the Long Term Athlete Development Model. Coaches are primarily working with Provincial and Canada Games level athletes. The Competition Development multi-sport modules combined with the sport specific technical certification will help give coaches the tools to work with athletes in the high performance pathway.

For sport specific Competition Development requirements please contact your Provincial Sport Organization.

The Multi-Sport Competition Development Modules consist of six modules.

Leading a Drug Free Sport
Managing Conflict
Psychology of Performance
Coaching and Leading Effectively
Prevention and Recovery
Developing Athletic Abilities

Dates and Registration

Classroom         Web Based Home Study


For information, dates and locations of NCCP Courses offered in the South Shore Region, contact:

Nicole Kenney,Community Sport Development Coordinator – South Shore Region
Cell: (902) 298-9531
Phone: (902) 634-7570

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