Sport Nova Scotia

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What is Sport Nova Scotia?

  • Sport Nova Scotia was incorporated in 1971
  • Collectively we are a voice for more than 160,000 member Nova Scotians.
  • We are a federation of over 50 provincial sport governing bodies (Provincial Sport Organizations), e.g. Hockey Nova Scotia, Soccer Nova Scotia, Tennis Nova Scotia, Gymnastics Nova Scotia, etc.
  • We are a not-for-profit organization, which means that the funds we generate are re-directed back to the sport community.
  • Our non-voting membership also includes individuals and organizations that share a mutual interest. For example, there are eight classes of members: Active, Associate, Individual, E-member, Affiliate, Alumni, Honourary, and Provisional.
  • We operate several funding programs, mostly in conjunction with Health & Wellness and the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic.

Sport Nova Scotia is Not

  • We are not a government organization, although we do work closely with all levels of government.
  • We do not run any sports ourselves – we run programs (e.g. funding programs, youth leadership programs, fundraising programs, advocacy programs, athlete recognition programs, etc).

Sport Nova Scotia’s Mission Statement

Sport Nova Scotia is a voice for sport that promotes the benefits of health, personal development and achievement for all participants. Sport Nova Scotia provides support, direction and leadership to its member organizations in their delivery of sport opportunities to Nova Scotians.

Sport Nova Scotia’s Vision Statement

Our vision is that all Nova Scotians will attain better health and a sense of achievement through active participation in recreational and competitive sport experiences throughout their lives.

Sport Nova Scotia Values

Sport Nova Scotia is committed to these fundamental values:

  1. Health: We believe that all Nova Scotians will enjoy greater health benefits through increased participation in sport
  2. Participation and Excellence: We believe in the right of all Nova Scotians to participate in amateur sport with an equal opportunity to pursue personal excellence.
  3. Fair Play: We believe in fair play characterized by equity, integrity, trust and respect.
  4. Fun and Safety: We believe in sport being fun and safe for all participants.
  5. Responsibility: We believe the sport system and its leaders have a responsibility to educate all participants, to foster the values of ethical behavior and to provide sport activities for participants of all ages and skill levels.

Sport Nova Scotia – Organizational Goals and Objectives


Increase public awareness of the benefits of participation in amateur sport and serve as the advocate on behalf of member organizations for increased funding.


Attract sufficient resources for ongoing advocacy, leadership and member services.


Develop an effective, efficient sport delivery system throughout Nova Scotia through open communication between all internal and external stakeholders.


Increase participation and the quality of sport in Nova Scotia, through the development and implementation of programs and services, with and for Provincial Sport Organizations.

For more information:

Nicole Kenney, BRM
Community Sport Development Coordinator- South Shore Region
312 Green St.
Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
C: 902-298-9531
P: 902-634-7570

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