Ocean Route 8-2: Kejimkujik Seaside

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An isolated spectacular stretch of coast with beaches, lagoons and coastal barrens, now a national park.

Where: East of Port Joli Harbour
Skill Level: Expert (No services, no roads)
Time: Day trip
Distance: 18 km one-way

This route takes you from Port Joli Harbour around the headlands to Port Mouton (Ocean Route 9), a journey of at least 18 km. It has an expert rating since there are three headlands to go around, shoals, exposed beaches and no road access in the park. As well, no camping is permitted.

The rewards are stunning beaches in a wilderness setting, huge lagoons to explore, lots of birds and seals basking on off shore rocks. This is best done as a one-way trip south to north to take advantage of the prevailing winds.

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March 7, 2013