Woodland Multiuse Trail

Woodland Multiuse Trail
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10 Kms of trail between Hwy 3 in Sable River to Canada Hill Road that connects with the Tom Tigney Trail (1.2 km Municipality of Shelburne trail) at one end and joins our 8.4 km trail from Hwy 103 in Sable River to the Queen’s County line at Wilkins Lake to join the Queen’s County trail system into Port Mouton and Summerville.

We have also joined the Yarmouth County trail system by opening 10 km of trail between the Yarmouth / Shelburne County line at Charlesville to Woods Harbour Municipal trail. A further 12.2 km of trail has been opened by WMTA from Woods Harbour to Barrington Bay at the Cape Sable Island Causeway Hwy 330 where it meets the Municiaplity of Barrington’s Barrington Bay Trail. You can use a shared trail all the way from Barrington Bay to Yarmouth!!!

Click here for more information about the Woodland Multiuse Trail.
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June 17, 2013