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The rails-to-trails on the South Shore are one of our greatest assets for recreation. With a nearly continuous trail that runs the entire length of the South Shore with very minimal inclines, rail trails are great for beginner cyclists. They provide an excellent route for anyone who wants to go for a cycling trip along the coast, for a short walk (which I would especially encourage during blackberry season), or anything in between! Below are pictures from some of our favourites (as you can see, we really like bridges), with links to more info on South Shore Connect.

Centennial Trail, Bridgewater

centennial trail2 (Large)

Yarmouth County Rail Trail (picture from Pubnico)

pubnico rail1 (Large)



South Shore Annapolis Valley Trail (picture from New Germany)

river ridge1 (Large)


Chester Connection Trail (picture of Gold River bridge)

gold river3 (Large)

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