Ocean Route 2: Blue Rocks

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A unique area of slate outcrops, islands, hidden channels and fishing villages that is mostly protected on windy days and ideal for beginners.

Where: Near Lunenburg
Skill Level: Beginner to expert
Time: Day or overnight
Distance: Loop One: 15 km loop from Stonehurst East to the Rackets return
Loop Two: 10 km loop from Blue Rocks to East Point return. Many other options

This rugged area gets its name from the blue grey colour of the slate. It is broken into hundreds of narrow slate ledges, larger islands with rocky beaches and many long inlets. Some of the bigger islands have tree cover but many are rocky with low vegetation (coastal barrens). This maze makes for infinite paddling possibilities both close to shore and out to islands in more open waters. On days when it is too windy to paddle in other areas, it is usually possible to find a sheltered route here making it a good place for beginners

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March 13, 2013