Workplace Wellness

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The workplace is a great chance to help employees move more.

Employees who get more physical activity in their day are more productive and get sick less often.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has reported that physically active employees take 27% fewer sick days, which means that increasing workplace access to physical activity opportunities for employees could potentially lower benefit costs. Having a healthy, active workplace not only affects the employees but also influences productivity, retention and recruitment.

There are also mental health benefits to being active at work. Even a 10-minute walk can help recharge your battery and work through an issue or situation on your mind. Being active induces chemicals in your body that make you feel happy.

South Shore Active Communities supports the development of Workplace Wellness Networks, so that workplaces can share their successes and challenges, and get the support they need to introduce new initiatives.

Heart&Stroke Walkabout at Work

Much of the information above was provided by Heart&Stroke Walkabout, a free program available province-wide aimed at helping Nova Scotians discover the magic of walking and realize the physical and mental benefits of walking within their communities.

The Walkabout at Work program is free for organizations. The minimum time commitment for staff is two hours to participate in training and a commitment of approximately one hour per week to help implement activities. In return organizations receive:

  • A professional development opportunity for staff focused on facilitation and leadership
  • Access to a network of organizations and resources to support workplace walking programming
  • Updates on future programming and initiatives through the Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Information and resources to lead a walking club; hold challenges, and environment supports and policy that may help employees be more active[/custom_list]

All participants receive a pedometer, a leader handbook and an orientation to other tools to help create a walking workplace.

To learn more about how your workplace can be part of Walkabout at Work, email us today.

Workplace Wellness Resources

Lunenburg County Workplace Wellness Network

In October 2012, representatives from workplaces in Lunenburg County gathered in Bridgewater to begin conversations about forming a Workplace Wellness Network. Ideas were shared about workplace wellness initiatives and how a network could support those efforts. Click here to view the Prezi.

For more info about the Lunenburg County Workplace Wellness Network, contact Paula Saile.

Yarmouth County Workplace Wellness Network

The Yarmouth WWN is an informal network open to those interested in promoting workplace wellness in Yarmouth County. We meet over lunch about four times a year.

The purpose of the Yarmouth WWN is to connect, share and learn with people, businesses and organizations of Yarmouth County who have an interest in workplace wellness.

The Network serves as a structure to facilitate communication among workplaces, and promote the importance of using a comprehensive approach in creating healthy workplaces.


  • Provide members and their organizations an opportunity to link with one another around workplace health and wellness.
  • Keep members informed with what is happening locally and abroad around workplace health policies, programs, events and resources.
  • Encourage, among workplaces, collaboration on workplace health and wellness events and learning opportunities.

For more info about the Yarmouth WWN, check out the blog.

Ideas for your workplace



Why Drink Water?

drink-water-poster-thumbClick here to download the “Why drink water?” poster





1 Change – 21 Days

1-change-thumbChallenge yourself, Change one thing, Create a healthy habit.  Click 1-change  to download resource





How was your day?

Rate-your-day thumbnailEncourage employees to reflect upon their day by using the Rate your day download.  This tool highlights the  importance of planning for tomorrow…which may mean doing things a little differently.




Packed Lunch Challenge

Packed-lunch Thumb-nailPlanning is key to making healthy choices for your lunch.  Check out the packed-lunch ballots




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