Ocean Route 4: LaHave Islands

Ocean Route 4: LaHave Islands
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This popular group of 20 closely-packed islands has lots of beaches, wilderness campsites, wildlife, and hiking with both protected and challenging routes.

Where: South east of Bridgewater
Skill Level: Beginner to Expert
Time: One day or multi-day
Distance: Many options

These idyllic islands, like most of Nova Scotia’s coast, have a long history of settlement and many older homes remain today. Five of the islands are now connected by bridge or causeway to the mainland and are home to year-round residents. Most of the islands also have a few summer residences except for Cape LaHave Island which is common land. Fishing is still an important part of island life. Many homes have their own wharf, a necessity from the pre-road days when people traveled everywhere by boat including school and church.

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