Ocean Route 7: Medway Harbour

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A large protected harbour with numerous coves, bays, islands and the Medway River offering many route options.

Where: North east of Liverpool
Skill Level: Beginner and intermediate
Time: Day trips or overnight
Distance: ~16 km around the harbour

Medway Harbour was once a busy port of call as ships came in from Britain, New England and the Caribbean. It was ideally situated for timber export, as logs were floated down the Medway River and cut at saw mills along the way. Many schooners and a variety of other ships were built at local boat yards. Port Medway was settled by families from New Endland beginning in 1760 and by 1850, it was home to about 3,000 people. The population is much less today and once cleared land has become
forest along much of the shore. Fishing is the only remaining industry and it has been cut back. The large fish plant in Port Medway closed in 1990 but a small one still operates there and another near Vogler’s Cove.

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March 9, 2013