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This is the second blog in our series, written by the South Shore Connectors last summer. For more details, click here.

The Green Bay Beach has always been one of my favourites in Lunenburg County, and since moving to Petite Rivière, it’s only a twenty minute cycle from my doorstep. We decided to take full advantage of this proximity and hike the seaside trail from Green Bay to Broad Cove. This is a great place to escape, as you most likely won’t see another human for a couple of kilometres.

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This hike is located at the end of Green Bay Road. The trail was once a road, but is now slowly being reclaimed by the ocean. Approximately five kilometres of sea-sculpted coves and little beaches stretch out beyond the reach of a vehicle, with a few small cabins peeking out from beneath the cover of fir and spruce trees.  A small fawn dozing in the grass was the only being we stumbled upon, until the trail transformed back into a road as we entered Broad Cove. We then continued by foot along the road for another six kilometres to the Cherry Hill Beach, which was covered in a blindingly thick bank of fog, and I will admit, probably more suited for a sunny day, but enjoyable nonetheless.



As children, we often don’t care if it’s raining or shining –we just can’t wait to get outside and explore. This kind of attitude shouldn’t completely vanish as we become adults, especially for us Nova Scotians. You sometimes just have to throw on a pair of boots and embrace our infamous foggy days, which in times like this added to the secluded beauty and eerie but peaceful tone of the landscape.

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Did our description make you want to visit the trail? You can find all the info on the Green Bay to Broad Cove hike on South Shore Connect here!


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