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Active Transportation Policy Resource Directory

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has developed a number of resources to support your work on active transportation policy in Canada.


To go to the directory go HERE



What can these resources help with?

These resources can support evidence-informed active transportation policy development and implementation by assisting with:

  • Development of Briefing Notes
  • Scan of what existsSSAV 2
  • A start to drafting your own policy
  • Starting point for analyzing policies and seeing what works
  • Getting in touch with others who are doing similar work


 What resources are available?


The Prevention Policies Directory provides bilingual access to Canadian cancer and chronic disease prevention policies at the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal levels, including policies on the built environment and active transportation. .

It provides free, one-stop access to what active transportation policies exist in Canada, where they exist, and provides access to policy documents.

  • The “Tag Cloud” of active transportation policy terms allows users to easily access active transportation policies
  • The Canadian Municipal Active Transportation Policy Map interactively shares contextual information about municipal active transportation policies in Canada
  • The Canadian Provincial/Territorial Active Transportation Policy Map
  • Active Transportation Policy Case Studies
  • The Active Transportation Policy Case Study Summary Sheets


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